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With its clear-cut and geometrical form, the town hall is the building which is most symbolic of the Art Deco style in Aubusson.

Set back from the Grande Rue, the main road running through the town, it stands out quite clearly from the surrounding buildings due to its white colour, its size and its style.

Alongside a labour exchange and community centre, the first stages of the construction project date back to 1932.

Seen as a symbol of modernity, Art Deco style was in full swing during this era. Now held in Aubusson museum, this Francis Chigot stained glass window is a perfect example.

The current building was constructed on the site of a former Neoclassical-style town hall, of average size and dating back to 1826.

Using architectural plans to see the original project, it is clear that it should have been crowned by an octagonal lantern tower which would have been imposing to say the least. When the project was brought to realisation, it was replaced by a more modest feature: a square bell tower designed to house the extremely heavy clock mechanism.

The two architects who drafted the plans withdrew from the construction project, but fortunately, Lucien Rollon, who was initially recruited as an interior decorator, stepped in and took over the entire project.

The architecture combines stone with modern materials such as zinc, which was used to cover the roof.

To decorate the interior, Lucien Rollin adopted an Art Deco style once again. He designed the furnishings to incorporate the coat of arms and motto of Aubusson: “Inter Spinas Floret”: she blossoms amidst a bed of thorns.

In keeping with the spirit of the town, he adorned chairs and seats with floral tapestries made in the town.

The project was completed in 1940, after eight years of work and reflection.

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Town hall

Aubusson town hall was built during the 1930s and 1940s, adopting an Art Deco style. Follow the history of its construction, which features a number of twists and turns.

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