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The building which currently accommodates the indoor market was built in 1902 to replace the former market situated on Place de la Libération as it is known today. Its cast iron structure rests on granite foundations, and its pediment, which was redesigned in 1926 during a restoration campaign, displays striking and finely crafted Art Nouveau-style decoration.

Archive documents indicate that the initial market project had to be revised, primarily because the structure appeared to be too low-down in relation to the surrounding buildings. The town council decided to increase the height of the entire structure by one metre using cut stone foundations, to give the building more presence. Various plans led to a crowded decor; however the actual decor is fairly understated and is crowned with a simple rectilinear finial.

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20th century Aubusson

Covered market

The current structure housing Aubusson market was built in 1902, however its pediment was updated featuring an Art Nouveau style in 1926. Find out more about its construction with this audio guide.

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