Roger dyeing workshop

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The quality of a tapestry is heavily dependent on the selection of materials and colours. For this reason, the presence of a traditional dyeing workshop such as that of Thierry Roger is essential to the town of Aubusson.

The colourist produces customised colours for contemporary tapestry creations and restorations of ancient of tapestries.

The first process is called ‘mordanting’: the wool is dipped in a mixture of acid and sodium sulphate to improve colour fastness.

The colourist is able to reproduce any shade on the colour palette using three primary colours: blue, yellow and red.

The final shade is obtained by successive soaking at a temperature of 80 degrees, in each primary colour bath. The colourist gradually adds shades using a sort of large ladle known as a cassin.

To achieve the final colour desired takes at least four hours and fifteen modifications. Throughout the process, the colourist must rely on careful observation to carry out the necessary adjustments.

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Aubusson tapestry

Roger dyeing workshop

The quality of material and work of a colourist play a key role in the final result of a tapestry. Discover the artisanal process of wool dyeing, as it is still practised today at the Roger dyeing workshop in Aubusson.

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