Magine Workshop

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Jean Marie Laberthonnière, Magine workshop’s owner : “My family has lived here, at Moulin de la Folie, for many generations. My great-grandparents were millers and blacksmiths.  I was born here, in the village and I bought this house in 1987, 100 years after the workshop was built, by

Ernest Hareux! I began with Impressionism, like many painters, but then I went back to just before Impressionism. I like the realistic side of things, I like trees to be trees, not just an impression of trees. I like it when you can feel the tree bark and leaves, the way painters used to paint when landscape painting just began.

Hareux sold his workshop to Léon Detroy in 1894. Detroy only kept it for 3 years.

We have a picture of Detroy in his workshop with many of his artist friends:

Eugène Alliot and his wife, Henri Charrier and his model Bertha, Paul

Madeline as well as Edouard Papillon, who was friends with all of these artists. He took many photos and painted many paintings.  Back then, artists came here for the landscape’s rugged and wild aspect. It changed slightly when the dam was built but several elements remain unchanged and the wilderness remains, in places such as La Sédelle riverside. These places are still a great inspiration for artists today.”

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Magine Workshop

Since the late 19th century, several artists have come to set their workshops up here. The building’s current owner, Jean-Marie LABERTHONNIERE is a painter. He will gladly tell you all about the history of the workshop.

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