Saint-Aurélien Chapel (inside)

Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE

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Let’s enter the chapel. On your left, a 15th century group sculpture represents the virgin and child with Saint Anne. Saint Anne is carrying a chestnut basket and the child has a piece of suet in his hand. This used to be a popular children’s treat …

Light beams into the chapel choir through an upper stained glass window. In the centre of the altarpiece, a 19th century painting hides a niche decorated with lilies. This is where Saint Aurélien’s shrine is exhibited during the Limousin « Ostensions » popular processions, which take place every 7 years. This monumental reliquary protects the saint’s skull.

Offerings, stained glass windows and flags remind visitors of this private chapel’s particular status : a place of worship initially dedicated to a single trade.

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The Boucherie quarters

Saint-Aurélien Chapel (inside)

Inside Saint-Aurélien chapel, many items show the religious traditions of St Aurélien fraternity. One of these traditions called “Ostensions” is a ceremony in which the fraternity takes part every 7 years.   

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