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Until the beginning of the 20th century, Bénévent had always had an intense commercial activity. In 1816, out of its 1.400 inhabitants, 200 were business owners.

In 1896, Pélissier, a Bénévent pharmacist, reinvented the recipe for a medicinal drink, first created by monks from Bénévent abbey.  It was made of brandy and a selection of aromatic herbs. He registered his recipe under the trademark “Bénéventine”. It was praised for its « digestive, stimulating, stomachich » qualities as well as for its « delicious taste ». It received gold medals during many exhibitions. Its production stopped in 1914, and started up again in 2006.

For further information, and if you would like to try some Bénéventine, be sure to visit the Scénovision, a trip back into daily life in the year 1900. It is located in the building to your right, which was once part of the town’s old farms.

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