Audio Commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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This chapel was rebuilt over the remnants of an older building from 1620 to 1624, by local lord John the 2nd of Lasteyrie du Saillant, the owner of the nearby castle. Its architecture is sober, with a single nave and a flat chevet. There is a wall bell-tower with two windows on the chapel’s red sandstone and schist façade. There are pilasters on either side of the door, and above it, a semi-circular pediment which shelters a limestone Our Lady of Pity statue, that dates back to the end of the Middle Ages.

Inside, in a wall niche, there is a 16th century wooden polychrome and golden sculpture.  It is a high relief Virgin and child. It refers to a legend that says that the Virgin’s house was threatened by invaders and transported by angels from Nazareth to the small town of Loreto in Italy. The Virgin is depicted breastfeeding, on the top of her house.

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Le Saillant chapel

Le Saillant chapel is linked to the nearby castle, owned by the Lasteyrie du Saillant family. Learn about its history thanks to this audioguide and discover the surprising Notre Dame de Laurette, hidden inside the chapel.

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