The Pérusse family from les Cars

Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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The Pérusse family descends from knights who served the Vicounts of Limoges and who had been assigned to the defense of Ségur castle.

During the 14th century, The Pérusses became lords and acquired many kingdoms, including Les Cars, for which they had to pay allegiance to their neighbours, the lords of Lastours.  In the late 15th century, they freed themselves from their overlord and affirmed their power in Limousin, mainly because they were faithful to the Limoges viscounts and royalty.  The lordship became a county in the middle of the 16th century.

Greatly empowered by this family ascent, Geoffroy de Pérusse, and his grandson François des Cars, who was also the seneschal of Guyenne, Limousin and Périgord, used their fortune to embellish and fortify Les Cars castle during the 16th century, turning it into the luxurious fortified residence whose vestiges you can see today.

Until the 18th century, several members of the Pérusse lineage became great ecclesiastics: supplying bishops and brave officers to the Kings of France.

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The Pérusse family from les Cars

Learn all about the Pérusse family thanks to this audio sequence and photos. The Pérusses were the castle lords. Their power grew progressively throughout Limousin and beyond.

For further information about the Pérusse family from les Cars, check the information boards and visit the exhibition at Les Cars town hall (free entrance).

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