Place Barreyrette

Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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This is the neighbourhood where Limoges’s butchers lived and worked for 7 centuries, from the 13th to the 20th century. They settled here because the area is built on a slope where water ran. It stretched out away from the ramparts which were located along what has now become boulevard Gambetta. The heart of the Butchers’ quarters was the old rue Torte, now called rue de la Boucherie.

Today’s place Barreyrette is located behind this street. It used to be an indoor courtyard where animals were put before being butchered. A narrow alley led to this courtyard. It was closed at night by a heavy gate. The gate’s hinges can still be seen today. The street gets its name from the word : “Barreyrette” which comes from « barrières », or barrierras, in Occitan, meaning “gate”.

The nearby rue Huchette gets its name from the person who was in charge of calling out the animals’ prices : “le hucheur”.


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The Boucherie quarters

Place Barreyrette

Welcome to the Butchers’ Quarters ! This used to be an interior courtyard where livestock was kept before being butchered.

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