Renaissance sculptures

Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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Several Renaissance-style sculpted decors are a tribute to Beaulieu after the Hundred Years’ War.


The « Renaissance » House, on « place de la Bridolle », was rebuilt in the early 19th century. It boasts 16th century sculptures, but their origin and interpretation remain controversial : Soldiers, real and imaginary animals, angels, a mermaid, and even a « wild man ». In the centre of the first floor is a woman which the people of Beaulieu affectionately call “Beaulieu’s nymph”.


There are also re-used Renaissance elements on the front wall of the old Ursuline convent, opposite St Catherine gateway, particularly sculpted oxen skulls, and a border made of plants.


In rue Sainte-Catherine, there is a 16th century house. Its central stairway tower with a cone-shaped roof is decorated with a Tudor listel and below the cornice, an Italian shell, which was a very popular ornament during the Renaissance.


Visit la maison Renaissance. Its furniture and clothing date back to between the 15th and 18th centuries and it bears a remarkable monumental late 15th century fireplace, depicting a scene from the Adam and Eve Temptation.

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Renaissance sculptures

The sculptures on the façades of several houses show that Beaulieu was a prosperous town during the Renaissance.

This audioguide will tell you more about these various elements.

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