The heptagonal tower

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The outside of this tower is heptagonal (it has seven sides). This was the castle’s most impressive tower.  It was taller than any of the other constructions and was the main tower. It was built during the first quarter of the 16th century, by Geoffroy de Pérusse, during a vast castle beautification campaign. This tower was a residence and was equipped with all the comfort for that time period, on every level. Only its ground floor and top floor were used for defense purposes.

The castle’s only known cellar is located beneath this tower. It was ventilated thanks to curved pipes that did not let the light in.

The ground floor was covered by an arch and had no bay windows, due to its defensive role. However, it had 6 large cannon ports for large weapons. They are sealed off but you can still spot two of them, on either side of the fireplace.

The three residential floors are identically organized : with a large 50 square metre room. Each has its own alcove, by the entrance. One of the rooms, on the first floor, had intersecting arches and bore the Pérusse coat of arms, sculpted on its keystone.  There was a fireplace to heat the large room. Its brick shaft dates back to the 18th century and has changed less than the rest of the tower. Openings were designed to avoid letting heat escape, with a large bay window to the south and a smaller one to the north. Each floor had its own latrine.

A spiral staircase led from the third floor to the walkway, built above the machicolations, at the top of the tower. An impressive rooftop covered the building. There were no other stairways in the tower. You had to enter the residence to access the different floors.

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The heptagonal tower

This video and its computer generated images will help you to imagine what the main tower looked like back during the castle’s golden age.

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