Armand Guillaumin

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The statue you are standing before is the bust of Armand Guillaumin. Guillaumin was a pioneer of Impressionism, and was friends with artists such as Cézanne and Pissarro. Guillaumin began regular visits to Crozant in 1892. He discovered the beauty of the Creuse landscapes, which he tirelessly painted, adding his Impressionist touch and bright colours.   His paintings faithfully replicate the liveliness of the wilderness in Creuse. His works greatly contributed to what would later be called the Crozant School.

In the village, he was friends with many artists whom he inspired and admired his work. The villagers were also quite fond of Guillaumin.

Guillaumin’s memorial monument, a bronze bust, was inspired by an original sculpture by Paul Paulin. It was inaugurated in 1930. During World War II, the sculpture was hidden to prevent it from becoming cast iron. It was put back in place in 1945.  Guillamin’s son made a moving speech for the occasion : a tribute to the people of Crozant for their friendliness towards his father.

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Armand Guillaumin

Impressionist painter Armand Guillaumin is one of the pillars of what is now called the « Crozant School ». Listen to this audioguide to find out more about Guillaumin.

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