The Roc Discovery Centre


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The Roc-aux-Sorciers, or Sorcerers’ Rock, Discovery Centre was set up in 2008. The centre used two different approaches for recreating the site meaning you can learn all about the prehistoric carved frieze, which is nowadays closed to the public for conservation reasons.

The first is a full-sized replica of the entire inner wall of the natural rock shelter. Brought to life through a multimedia commentary and soundtrack experience. It highlights the thirty visible carvings and conjures an image of the daily life of a family living in a shelter like this one during the prehistoric Magdalenian period.

The visitor is then invited to experience the second replica up close. This is exhibited outside in daylight, in conditions as near as possible to those of the original site. The pinpoint accuracy of the reproduction means it is possible to make out every detail of the carvings and even touch them.

Extract from guided tour by Mathilde Lucas (to show and explain the carving samples representative of the Roc).

Guided tours and a host of educational activities are offered on site meaning visitors can spend the day immersed in the prehistoric Magdalenian period of the original sculptors.

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The Roc Discovery Centre

Unconvinced about visiting the Roc-aux-Sorciers Discovery Centre? This video will show you the highlights of what is on show, which will undoubtedly spur you on to go.

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