Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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This manor is a classified Historical Monument. It was built in the 16th century and remodeled in the 18th century : its ceilings were raised and many windows were created on the garden side. It is located in the old Font Saint-Martin neighbourhood, which developed along the old road from Allassac to Donzenac. La Grande Fontaine stream was displaced to enable its construction, and the plot had to be drained.

The building has two towers. It used to have two main buildings, but the street-side north wing was torn down for safety reasons.

The old cellar was made of slate schist. It was enhanced after an archaeological study took place here.

The town of Allassac saved the manor by acquiring it in the 1990s. Today, “le manoir des tours” is home to the headquarters of  «  Pays d’art et d’histoire Vézère Ardoise » network as well as to one of France’s last edge-tool making workshops.

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Tower manor

This audioguide sequence introduces the tower manor, a 16th century building which is now home to the Vézère Ardoise Art and History land.

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