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Before the bridge was built in 1870, people had to use a ferry to cross the river Vézère in Saint-Viance. It was a large 9 metre boat called a “Nau” and could transport up to 25 passengers, 6 large animals or foodstuff. Passengers had to pay a fare and the trip across the river was quite risky, especially when the water flow was intense.

In 1866, a group of townspeople joined the parish priest Abbott Nauche, and created an association called Société de construction du pont de Saint-Viance. (The bridge of Saint-Viance building society). These volunteers gathered private funds and the construction began. But the following autumn, the whole thing was carried away by a flood. The town then decided to help the association financially. Thus, the 3 arch local stone bridge was built.

After much financial turmoil, the bridge was finally finished in the autumn of 1870.

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Saint-Viance bridge

Relive the adventure linked to the construction of this bridge, thanks to this audioguide, which also explains how people used to cross the river, before the bridge was built.

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