The neighbourhood's revival

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In the 19th century, with the creation of the town’s central market hall and municipal slaughterhouses, butchers started settling down outside the area. Thus began the decline of the butchers’ quarters, which continued and accelerated into the 20th century. One by one the shops closed and the buildings fell apart. The neighbourhood became quiet after 7 centuries of intense activity.

In 1973, the town considered tearing down what was left of the Butchers’ quarters and replacing it with new buildings. But inhabitants who were attached to the area founded an association called « Renaissance du Vieux Limoges » and began restoring several facades, revealing the area’s architectural treasures. They organized a yearly celebration called « la frairie des petits ventres », inspired by a popular religious tradition. The huge food fair still takes place once a year on the 3rd Friday in October. Its success has helped enhance the neighbourhood and sparked a home rehabilitation programme.

La Maison de la boucherie, presenting the lives and trades of Limoges’s butchers, opened in 1986.

The neighbourhood continues to attract attention today and an inventory took place to study its buildings, and to enhance and give new life to the Butchers’ Quarters.


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The neighbourhood's revival

Follow the steps of this neighbourhood’s revival. After a long decline it was rehabilitated and came to life again, particularly thanks to the « Frairie des petits ventres » annual food fair.

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