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An original church seems to have existed here in the 8th century, during the Saint-Viance era.

The 12th century Romanesque polygonal chevet is the oldest part. It has arches which are supported by engaged columns. There are capitals atop these columns. Elements from an older building were re-used, such as a sculpted stone knotwork pattern, typical of the Carolingian era.

There is a distinct trace of reconstruction above one of the chevet windows, which opens up onto the church square.

The front door dates back to the 17th century. There is a semi-circular pediment above it.

The bell-tower’s pavilion rooftop is made of local slate, as is the entire church rooftop which was completely renovated.

Enter the church to discover the remarkable enameled shrine of Saint-Viance, and the holy oil casket.

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Saint-Viance church

Learn about the architecture of Saint-Viance church, whose oldest part dates back to the 12th century, thanks to this audio sequence.

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