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Thanks to commercial exchanges, great changes occurred in the town during the 19th century. The roads were in poor shape and houses were built beside traditional leather tanning businesses and butcheries.
With the 19th century great hygiene laws, instigated by Haussmann in Paris, new urbanism plans were applied. Narrow, misaligned streets, cramped intersections and squares all needed to be reorganized.  

In 1835, a street alignment plan was established in Bénévent. However, it was the source of much conflict among members of the town council, and only became effective 20 years later.

“Rue du Marché », where you are now standing, was straightened and broadened around 1855, then realigned in 1930, when Hotel Villard was removed, because part of the building stuck out onto the street.

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Listen to how the town of Bénévent evolved in the 19th century, to improve its hygienic conditions and the lives of its inhabitants.

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