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Several pieces of furniture which can be found at Allassac church have a Historical Monuments classification.

The most remarkable of these objects is probably the great wooden altarpiece. It is richly sculpted, painted and gold plated. It was built in 1679, back when the great renewal of church decorating took place, after the Counter Reformation.

The altarpiece is a triptych. Its central part is bordered with winding columns and sculpted vines and birds. Above this part, is an entamblement. In its centre, god and two angels are represented. On the wings, you can see Saint-John Baptist and Saint   Joseph. The wings are framed with smaller sculpted winding columns. There are triangular pediments atop of them.

The second most remarkable piece of furniture in the church is the pulpit. It too is a classified HistoricalMonument. It was built in 1681, around the time when the altarpiece was built. It too is made of sculpted wood and is painted. There are 6 panels on the pulpit. They represent Christ and the evangelists, as well as a theologist.

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Church objects

The church houses several remarkable pieces of furniture, and particularly a great 17th century sculpted wooden altarpiece, as well as a pulpit, presented by this audioguide.  

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