The work of art and its location

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Here, Dominique Bailly invaded the clearing and its granite blocks, which she enhances with natural elements such as moss or blocks of oak wood that she sculpts into shapes which fit snugly along the shapes of the surrounding rocks.

Green place with red ants, by David Jones, is one of the island’s many “in situ” works of art. It is shaped like a snake and is made of iron set upon granite supports. It was inspired by the artist’s many strolls through the forest and represents natures three kingdoms : the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom.What is an in situ work of art? That is what this audio guide explains, by using the example of the sculpture you are standing before, by Dominique Bailly.

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The work of art and its location

Most of the works of art from the Sculpture Forest on Vassivière island  were created on the spot. “In situ” is an artistic method that dedicates a work of art to its original site.  It cannot be transported, or else it must be adapted to the place where it is set up.

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