The butcher's house

Audio commentary voice : Sarah LAFAYE, CRT

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The Traditional Butchers’ House is owned by the city of Limoges. It was located at n°36 rue de la Boucherie. It presents the daily life of the town’s butchers throughout the centuries.

From the 19th century onwards, a butcher’s house was usually organized as follows: a room on the ground floor was used for preparing and selling meat.

The fireplace was used for heating and making catering dishes such as tripes, pâtés, chestnut blood sausage, and Limoges’s famous « Petits ventres », a lamb’s feet specialty, cooked inside the animals’ stomachs.

The slaughter room was usually located at the back of the house. Bedrooms for family members and assistants were located upstairs.

Intermediate rooms allowed for storing the meats away from heat and light. Each butcher’s house also had an attic called « galetas », where certain parts were dried, thanks to large wooden openings called “souliès”. Hay was also stored here.

The house opened in 1986 thanks to a partnership between the city of Limoges, the Saint-Aurélien fraternity and the “Renaissance du Vieux Limoges association”.


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The butcher's house

Imagine the lives of Limoges’s butchers by observing how their houses were organized. Every room except for the bedrooms was linked to the butchers’ profession.
La maison de la Boucherie is open from early July to late September. There are guided tours but you can also tour on your own. The rest of the year, Art and History tours are organized by the Tourist Office.

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