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Maurice Biraud

Question 1 

Do you know what Maurice BIRAUD did for a living ?

  1. He was a singer.
  2. He was an actor.
  3. He was a writer.

Find the answer below this picture.

Biraud - 3

Maurice BIRAUD was an actor, mainly in plays, but in films as well. In the 1960s, he shared the screen with great French actors such as Jean Gabin, in “Le Cave se rebiffe” and Lino Ventura. He also hosted radio and television shows, wrote several books and even sang duets with famous French singers France Gall and Régine.


Biraud - 2

Question 2

Which film did Maurice Biraud star in ?

  1. « La grande illusion »
  2. « Les Tontons flingueurs »
  3. « Any number can win »

Find the answer below this picture.

Biraud - 1


Maurice Biraud starred in « Any number can win » (Mélodie en sous-sol, in French), by Henri Verneuil in 1963, with Jean Gabin and Alain Delon.

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