Castle and stables tour
  • Thanks to the video and its computer generated images, discover the castle the way it was back in the late 16th century : a luxurious fortified residence. The outdoor space around the castle is also explained here.

  • Learn all about the Pérusse family thanks to this audio sequence and photos. The Pérusses were the castle lords. Their power grew progressively throughout Limousin and beyond.

    For further information about the Pérusse family from les Cars, check the information boards and visit the exhibition at Les Cars town hall (free entrance).

  • This video and its computer generated images will help you to imagine what the main tower looked like back during the castle’s golden age.

  • This tower is the castle’s best preserved element. This sequence explains its defensive purpose and describes how the interior was organized.

  • This audioguide takes you to visit the outdoor space around the castle, from its artillery boulevard where you are standing, to its lower courtyard and to the gardens behind you.

  • This video explains the evolution of the defense system located at the castle entrance : see how a simple wooden doorway became a true fortified castle entrance from the 14th to the 16th century.

  • Besides its defensive purpose, Les Cars castle was also a luxurious residence, decorated in an early Renaissance style, as you can see here in the inner courtyard. This audioguide and slide show reveal the castle’s treasures.

  • In this interview, archaeologist Patrice Conte explains how archaeological excavations deepened our knowledge of the castle.

  • Les Cars church holds a precious 13th century reliquary cross, which used to be found in the castle, where it remained for several decades. This audioguide will tell you all about the cross.

  • Les Cars castle stables are particularly well-preserved, with beautiful Renaissance style skylights. This video presents the stables and explains their organization.

  • In the stables, some of the equestrian wall paintings have been preserved. Discover them thanks to this video which reveals discreet details about these paintings.

Castle and stables tour

This multimedia route will show you what the castle was like back in the late 16th century. Visit its remarkable Renaissance stables and admire the decorations painted on their walls. 

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