• Thanks to this video, discover the history of Hôtel Lépinat, where artists used to meet and reside during their stay in Crozant.

    Complete your tour by visiting the brand new multimedia museum which was built inside the hotel.

  • Since the late 19th century, several artists have come to set their workshops up here. The building’s current owner, Jean-Marie LABERTHONNIERE is a painter. He will gladly tell you all about the history of the workshop.

  • Impressionist painter Armand Guillaumin is one of the pillars of what is now called the « Crozant School ». Listen to this audioguide to find out more about Guillaumin.

  • You are standing above the spectacular ruins of the citadel of Crozant. This audioguide explains how artists were greatly attracted to Crozant and the Painters’ Valley, and how the landscape has changed over the years. 

    The citadel is open for tours several times during the year. For further details, please click here.

  • The panorama before you offers a splendid view of the Crozant ruins and of « Rocher de la Fileuse » (« Spinner’s rock »), on the opposite river bank, on the Berry side of the river Creuse. This video, illustrated by many Impressionist paintings, tells you about the legend of Rocher de la fileuse. It also evokes the memory of Brigand mill, which no longer exists.

  • The landscape has changed through the last century…

  • In this interview, historian Christophe RAMEIX explains why Impressionists were so fond of Moulin de la Folie, and why it was often depicted in their paintings.

  • Water is difficult to paint. Yet, the Sédelle riverside was one of the Impressionist artists’ favourite subjects. This video explains which riverside elements were essential to the artists who came here.

  • Another interview with Christophe RAMEIX, in which the relationship between artists and the Charraud bridge is explained. Charraud bridge was Guillaumin’s favourite site.

  • This audioguide explains how Crozant’s heather massif inspired an extremely popular pictorial movement and a worldwide commercial success.

  • The stone crosses which can be found all over Crozant have a peculiar shape. Listen to the audioguide for more information.

  • The town of Crozant ordered a memorial stele to honour Georges Hanna Sabbagh, who painted Crozant for ten years. This audioguide will tell you all about Sabbagh.


This multimedia tour takes you to the heart of the history of Painters’ Valley in Crozant.
Discover the landscapes Impressionist artists were so very fond of.

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