History and savoir-faire
  • This video takes visitors back to the medieval origins of Bénévent, which developed around the priory, then around the abbey. Discover the important steps of Bénévent’s history.

  • This sequence shows how famous architect Paul Abadie led an incredible renovation campaign on Bénévent’s abbey church during the 19th century.

  • This video will help you to imagine what Bénévent abbey used to look like, back when the buildings around the abbey church, which no longer exist, were still standing.

  • Meet Marc Bricard, a man who created terraced gardens just below Bénévent abbey church, much like monastic gardens back in the Middle Ages. In this interview, he explains the different plants’ medicinal properties as well as how some were used for their colours.

  • Before entering the church portal , watch this video. It will help you to understand the church’s main curiosities, especially its recumbent statue and its sculpted capitals.

  • Pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela played an important part in the prosperity and notoriety of  Bénévent. This sequence explains the tradition of pilgrimage.

  • From the 19th century to the 1960s, Bénévent was renowned for its butchers, specialized in lamb meat. This is a video about that particular trade.

  • Discover Bénéventine, a local drink with a story of its own.

  • The entire front of this house is covered in chestnut shingles, a local skill evoked in this video by Marc Richard, filmed using the old-fashioned technique.

  • Listen to how the town of Bénévent evolved in the 19th century, to improve its hygienic conditions and the lives of its inhabitants.

History and savoir-faire

This multimedia tour is a dynamic way to visit Bénévent and discover its history and savoir-faire, thanks to its audio and video sequences.

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